We don’t want to be the talk of the town. But every now and then someone who enjoys exceptional, award winning wines at exceptional, budget-saving prices writes about us.

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Frisky Zebras Seductive Shiraz Tutored Tasting
United Nations of Wine

Frisky Zebras Sensuous Sauvignon Blanc Tutored Tasting
United Nations of Wine

Frisky Zebras Radio Commercial
CHUM 1050

Not All Wines are Created Vegan – And Why You Should Care

A Harem of Premium Wines
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South Africa’s Premier Vegan Winery
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Wednesday Wine Review

Frisky Zebras South African Wines
Vines Magazine

Great Wines at Great Prices
Advice From the Experts

A Treasure to Find
The Lace Wine Glass

Frisky Zebras

Winemakers Uncork New Packaging Market
Vancouver Sun

Frisky Zebras
Vancouver Sun

Saanich Man Produces Award-Winning Wines
Saanich News

Wines Worth Discovering
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Leaders of the Park
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Seductive Shiraz
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