Made with the spirit of ubuntu that believes in a universal bond of sharing that connects all of us together, our award winning wines bring a smile to your face and satisfying sensations to your mind, body and soul that linger long after the last sip leaves your lips.


As unique as the endangered Grevy’s zebras, our award winning Frisky Zebras wines are premium South African offerings with engaging personalities sure to please your senses in the most satisfying ways. These wines are available in a range of convenient, earth friendly and lifestyle oriented formats ideal for sharing with family, friends and every great time.


Sonance is a premium portfolio of wines that celebrates the biodiversity that makes South Africa’s wines so unique and appealing. Represented by the Protea, the national flower of South Africa, these handcrafted offerings are food friendly wines that make an ideal companion for any occasion.


As big and bold as the African river horse, our Luscious Hippos wines are premium South African offerings that deliver a truly enjoyable and enchanting lifestyle experience. Approachable and affordable by nature, these wines suit any occasion.


Celebrating over 350 years of the winemaking tradition in South Africa, our Maison Afrique wines deliver classic cultivars handcrafted to please your senses in the most gratifying ways.


Handcrafted with liberty on the free farms of democratic South Africa, Revel celebrates the freedom of the creative winemaking process. These wines deliver superior value for money through fresh and contemporary offerings worthy of a long walk to freedom.


Buddha achieved enlightenment under The Bodhi Tree where his mind awakened to its own immaculate nature. Harmony Tree celebrates this achievement with offerings that awaken your mind, body and soul to the immaculate nature of wine.


As unique as the endangered rhinos of Africa, our Dusty Rhinos are premium South African offerings with a range of different temperaments and tastes tailored to suit your different moods and occasions perfectly.

Enjoy the wonderful world of the United Nations of Wine.